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Airchecks DX started on August 28, 2000 as "David Pierce's Airchecks", which was a simple one-page website on with a simple tapeables list and a list of the 10-or-so airchecks that I had in my growing collection.

Soon after in November or December 2000, due to the minimal space Angelfire had at the time to store websites, I was looking for more than just a one-page website, so I switched to, and at the same time, I changed the website name to "DLP Airchecks." Tripod was much better than Angelfire with both space and features.

At first on the website's new home, I had a cookie-cutter design that hundreds (and possibly thousands) of other websites Tripod hosted had. There was only a home page, another page for my tapeable stations and another page for my collection, and a few other simple pages. Soon after, I learned by myself how to do HTML, so I started to create my own website designs. Throughout the year of 2001, I have had my website named "DLP Radionet" then "Radionet."

In late 2001 I realized that my website was more than Airchecks and Radio, so soon after another logo redesign to "Radionet" (above left), I once again changed the name of the website to "Airchecks DX" with a new logo (middle left)... showing the two main parts of my website: Airchecks, and DX. Throughout the first half of 2002, visitors to my website experienced many redesigns and logo tweaks, which was due to my growing knowledge of HTML and computer graphics, enabling for me to make my website better than ever. The second half of 2002 brought the addition of a background watermark visible on all pages. The first half of 2003 resulted in a dramatic change in graphics once again on this website, with the introduction of two different new Airchecks DX logos (middle right and right).