Welcome to the For New Traders page of the Airchecks/DX. In this section you will learn what airchecks are, and other things a new aircheck trader needs to know. Please note that I am not an expert on aircheck trading, everything below is what I did myself or what others have done. Click on a link above to view any page of this section. Please remember you must read the Trading Rules of my website, and agree to it, before contacting me for an aircheck trade.

You're Interested In Aircheck Trading!

So after browsing this and other aircheck-related websites, I guess you are little interested in collecting airchecks Yourself. But, where in the heck do you start? First of all, you don't have to be a man to trade airchecks. Even though most, if not all aircheck traders right now are men, women are welcome to trade airchecks if they are interested. If you don't know, aircheck collecting and aircheck trading can be very hectic if you don't know what you are doing. You might question yourself "What do I have to have to record airchecks?" Well, what you basically need is a boombox, or stereo system capable of recording cassette tapes, and you need to be in an area that has lots of local radio stations (preferrably in a different place than where any other aircheck trader lives) that you can get in clear stereo. This is not a must, but if you want to trade local TV newscasts, you will need a VCR that records in good quality in both SP and EP modes, and access to your local cable system so you can record off your local major network (CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, etc.) stations. If you don't have cable, but you can get your local major network stations in clear color quality without any static, then thats okay, but if you can't get them clearly then you will not be able to trade TV newscast tapes, at least with me. I mean, who would want an aircheck from a local TV station when its staticy? Having a minidisc recorder or CD recorder isn't also a must, but it is a good plus for aircheck trading.

How Do I Start Aircheck Trading?

First thing I would do is to go to the Airchecks Board of Radio-Info.com and post the following information: Your name, city you live in, what you can record on, your website URL (if applicable, you don't have to have a website, but it is easier for other traders if you have one), and your email address. If you want you can also list what you are interested in, like mixshows, format switches, etc. Chances are, some people from around the USA, and maybe even around the world will contact you via your email address saying they are interested in trading airchecks very soon. Please take note that if somebody emails you and they want to trade with you, but for some reason you don't feel like it, then you don't have to. Kindly reply to the email and tell them that you aren't interested in trading, and if applicable, the date that you will be interested if you will ever be. Don't give out any of your personal information to anyone, like your home address, or phone number, even if the other person who email you did, for your own privacy. Ask the person who wrote you the email if you haven't already where they live and what radio and television stations they can record from. Those who have websites will simply give you a link to their website, which will contain the information you are looking for. After a few emails to eachother, then I feel its safe to give out your home address if they have already given you theirs. Some traders (especially those who have had problems with previous traders not sending them tapes like me) will make you send them their tapes before they send you theirs. Don't take this personally. This is to prevent the possibility of them getting ripped off by you not sending their tapes after they already sent you yours. If you are a little weary about the trader who you are about to trade with if he is going to send you your tapes or not, check his website if he has one, and there you will hopefully find links to other trader's email addresses. It would be wise to send them emails asking if the trader who wants to trade with you is honest, and chances are all will tell you he is.

After all of this is done, and you are ready to trade, exchance your aircheck requests, either from the other person's local radio stations, local tv stations, or both. Let them know exactly how and when you want your airchecks recorded so they won't mess up. Ask the other trader for their trading rules, and if you have any yourself, let them know. Chances are they will comply with them within reason. When you have the other trader's requests, as soon as possible record them off the requested stations. When they are done, put them in a bubble mailer package, and mail it to the person. Don't forget to tell the other trader 'thank you' when you get your tapes in the mail from them!

For yourself, I would also record a new aircheck (on whatever you want, may it be a :45 tape, a :90 tape, CD, mindisc, video tape, etc.) from every single FM and TV station that you can record from. Keep these airchecks yourself, because you never know, the next day your favorite radio station might change their formats, and if you didn't record it before the switch, you would never hear your favorite station again!

How Do I Store My Airchecks?

Okay, so now you are starting to have a collection of airchecks of your own. But, you don't know how to store them. There is no definite way of storing airchecks, but these are the basic ways most aircheck traders store their airchecks. Some aircheck traders store their airchecks on shelfs on the wall. Others, like me store them in drawers. Just make sure that you store your airchecks in their cases! If you store tapes, minidiscs, CDs, etc. without cases they will get dust in them, or scratches, all of which will lessen the life and quality of the aircheck.

Have any more questions?

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