Tapeable FM/AM/TV Stations
Chesapeake VA
Last Updated: 5/17/2002

Due to space constraints while travelling on an airplane or in a car, I am only able to record on minidiscs from the stations below. But, anything I record on minidisc while in this area I can easily copy to cassette tape or CD for you. When I go to this location for a whole week, I will record one (1) MD from all stations, except for Religious and Smooth Jazz, and up to five (5) MDs from the Urban, Rock, and CHR stations. If I go to this location for a weekend or a day trip, I will only record off of the Urban, Rock, CHR, and Hot AC stations due to time constraints. For TV stations, I will only record a newscast or normal programming from a station if something has changed (network flips, logo changes, new newscast/station graphics, etc.). All stations below come in crystal clear stereo quality.

Stations in BLACK are Local Stations (all come in clear stereo 24/7).

Frequency:  The frequency on which the station broadcasts.  Call Letters: The call letters of the station.  State: The state in which the station is located (from the official FCC city of license).  City of License:  The station's official FCC city of license.  Format:  The format the station broadcasts.  Station Name:  The station's name.



3 WTKR VA Norfolk CBS
"Newschannel 3"
10 WAVY-TV VA Portsmouth NBC
"Wavy News 10"
13 WVEC-TV VA Hampton ABC
"13 News"
15 WHRO-TV VA Hampton PBS
27 WGNT VA Portsmouth UPN
"UPN 27"
33 WTVZ-TV VA Norfolk WB
"WB 33"
43 WVBT VA Virginia Beach FOX
"FOX 43"
49 WPXV VA Norfolk PAX
"PAX 49"




88.1 WHOV VA Hampton Urban, Jazz
"88-1 WHOV"
88.7 WFOS VA Chesapeake Classical
89.5 WHRV VA Norfolk Jazz
90.3 WHRO VA Norfolk Classical
91.1 WNSB VA Norfolk Jazz
92.1 WBHH NC Moyock Urban
"92.1 The Beat"
92.9 WWSO-FM VA Suffolk Oldies
"Oldies 92.9"
93.7 WKOC VA Chesapeake AAA
"93-7 The Coast"
94.1 WXEZ VA Yorktown Gospel
"Star 94.1"
94.9 WPTE VA Virginia Beach Modern AC
"94.9 The Point"
95.7 WVKL VA Norfolk Urban AC
"95-7 RNB"
96.1 WROX-FM VA Cape Charles Modern Rock
97.3 WGH-FM VA Newport News Country
"Eagle 97"
98.7 WNOR VA Norfolk Hard Modern Rock
"FM 99"
99.7 WYFI VA Norfolk Religious
100.5 WCMS-FM VA Norfolk Country
101.3 WWDE VA Hampton AC
102.1 WWHV VA Virginia Beach Urban
"Hot 102"
102.9 WOWI VA Norfolk Urban
"103 Jamz"
104.1 WCXL NC Kill Devil Hills CHR
"Beach 104"
104.5 WNVZ VA Norfolk Rhythmic CHR
105.3 WSVY-FM VA Norfolk Urban AC
"Vibe 105"
106.1 W291AE VA Norfolk Modern Rock // WROX-FM 96.1
106.9 WAFX VA Suffolk Classic Rock
"106-9 The Fox"
107.7 WJCD VA Windsor Smooth Jazz
"CD 107.7"

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