Airplane FM DX Log 92.1-107.9
Dulles Airport (IAD) to Tampa International (TPA) 6/19/2002
Last Updated: 7/3/2002

Stations in BLACK are stations received on the plane. Reception of the stations below is not necessarily DX, because at 50,000 feet the line-of-sight is around 300 miles, which brings in stations that far away normally. I have the stations listed out of order because I want to show you exactly in what order I got the stations en route from Virginia to Florida.

Frequency:  The frequency on which the station was heard.  Date: The date on which the station was first received.  Call Letters: The call letters of the station.  Changed call letters updated under the old ones in a new entry if station is heard again.  State: The state in which the station is located (from the official FCC city of license).  City of License:  The station's official FCC city of license.  Format:  The format the station was broadcasting while heard.  Station Name:  The station's name.

FM Band listening started at 9:58 AM and approximently ended at 11:00 AM for stations listed below on 6/19/2002.



93.3 WERO NC Washington CHR
"Bob 93-3"
93.9 WRSN NC Burlington AC
"Sunny 93.9"
94.5 WWOC NC Hatteras Country
"Water Country 94.5"
94.7 WQDR NC Raleigh Country
"94-7 QDR"
96.1 WBBB NC Raleigh Modern Rock
"96 Rock"
96.5 WFLB NC Laurinburg Oldies
"Oldies 96.5"
97.3 WMNX NC Wilmington Urban
"Coast 97-3"
97.7 WWXM SC Garden City SC
"Mix 97.7"
98.1 WYBB SC Folly Beach Active Rock
"98 Rock"
98.7 WKOO NC Jacksonville Oldies
"Kool 98.7"
99.3 WWKT SC Kingstree Urban AC
"Kiss 99.3"
99.9 WKXB NC Burgaw Jammin Oldies
"Jammin 99.9"
100.3 WVBZ NC High Point Active Rock
"100.3 The Buzzard"
100.9 WSTS SC Fairmount Religious
101.7 WKZQ-FM SC Myrtle Beach Rock
"Rock 101.7"
103.5 WEZL SC Charleston Country
"103.5 The Weasel"
106.1 WFXH-FM SC Hilton Head Island Rock
"Rock 106-1"
106.9 WWVV SC Bluffton Modern Rock
"Wave 106.9"
107.5 WNKT SC St George Country
"Cat Country 107.5"
107.9 WLOW SC Hilton Head Island Nostalgia
92.3 WSKX GA Hinesville Hot AC
"Xtra 92.3"
92.7 WHFX GA St Simons Island Classic Rock
"92.7 The Fox"
93.3 WPLA FL Callahan Modern Rock
"Planet 93.3"
95.7 WSSR FL Clearwater Modern AC
"Star 95.7"
95.9 WQZY GA Dublin Country
96.1 WEJZ FL Jacksonville AC
"Lite 96.1"
96.5 WHTQ FL Orlando Classic Rock
96.9 WKQL FL Jacksonville Oldies
"Cool 96.9"
97.9 WFKS FL St Augustine CHR
"97-9 Kiss FM"
98.1 WNUE-FM FL Titusville Spanish AC
"La Nueva 98.1"
99.1 WQIK-FM FL Jacksonville Country
99.3 WLRQ-FM FL Cocoa AC
"Lite Rock 99.3"
99.9 WGNE-FM FL Palatka Country
"99.9 Froggy FM"
100.3 WSHE FL Orlando Oldies
"Cool 100"
100.3 WHYI-FM FL Ft Lauderdale CHR


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