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Website last updated: 8/26/2002   details
Woodbridge, Virginia
Can record on:
Minidisc, CD, VHS, Tape

TV DX Update 8/23/2002

2 WPBT West Palm Beach FL (PBS)
via e-skip 8/23/2002 10:38 AM
836 miles away

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The site is back up at this new location, with a new name. The focus of this website is the same as before, Airchecks and DX, but now we have a lot more to offer to you, such as screenshots from all tapeable TV stations, and screenshots from stations received via DX thanks to my new Hauppauge Digital TV card. Browse the pages linked in the frames to the left for more information.

Email to propose a trade or ask a question. I specialize in radio airchecks from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and surrounding areas, but I am still interested in and have airchecks from stations around the world. My format interests are broad. I most prefer Urban, CHR, Modern Rock, and Dance; but just about any format except for Jazz, Religious, and Country will interest me, though.

My interest in Airchecks started in late July 2000. I was amazed that I could get airchecks from people hundreds of thousands of miles away, and it would sound clear on my stereo as if the station was local. From late 1998 up until then, I recorded airchecks off of local stations for myself, but instead of recording full unscoped airchecks I just recorded songs I liked off the radio. As a fellow airchecker put it very well, I record because in ten years most of the stations in existence today will be gone... just as Jammin 99-5/DC, Jo 101.5/Tampa, and 103.9 DRE/Philadelphia are long gone. The ones that remain have changed dramatically. Airchecking is a way of holding on to what will soon be a piece of history. Besides that, it's the hobby I love. 

My interest in DXing started in the summer of 1998 when I was bored and channel surfing on my portable handheld TV. I scanned through the local channels and noticed something very strange. I was getting television stations up to 200 miles away! I was amazed at watching how clear these out-of-town stations came in. It wasn't until spring 1999 that I realized that I could get FM stations up to 200 miles away just as I did with the TV earlier. Ever since then I have been regularly DXing both the FM and TV dials, and occasionally the AM dial, keeping a log of every station I have heard/saw.

This site was created to better organize my growing collection. Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions for this site. Don't hesitate to put up a link from your site, or ask me to do the same.

Trading Rules (please read before trading)


Total airchecks as of 7/4/02: 544
Total FM and TV stations DXed as of 7/4/02: 87

This is merely a personal website. I do not make any revenue from this website whatsoever. I claim no ownership over the creative content found on any aircheck listed in the aircheck archives, downloadable soundclips, radio/tv logos and tv screenshots on this website. These materials are copyrighted by their respective owners. Aircheck trading is nothing more than a hobby, much like collecting stamps or collecting baseball cards. Airchecks listed in this website under the Aircheck Archives are not for sale. They are only for trading on a equal basis. For example, if somebody requests five tapes from me, I will request five tapes from them. The only money involved in an aircheck trade is the price of the postage to mail the airchecks in the mail. Airchecks/DX respects the stations, their owners, and copyright holders recorded on each aircheck by not making profit from their broadcast being recorded, which is illegal under United States law. You unconditionally agree to the rules contained on this page when contacting me to trade airchecks and participating in an aircheck trade with me. If you have any problems with these rules, you can email me and we can talk about it, so we can come to an agreement that is beneficial for the both of us. Failure to comply with these rules might result in you being banned from trading with me, and a post on the Radio-Info Airchecks Board with your name and city where you live stating why you have been banned as most other traders do when they are in the same situation. You have been warned. This website started on August 28, 2000. Website design created on July 4, 2002 by David P. Email the webmaster for problems, concerns, questions, or an aircheck trade proposal.