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Last Updated: January 28, 2003 details
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Welcome to Airchecks/DX! This is the place for you to get current Washington, DC area FM and Television airchecks. I specialize in CHR, Modern Rock, Urban, and Dance station airchecks from Washington, DC and around the world, but I also have many airchecks of format switches and other formats like Classic Rock. Click on 'Collection' to view my collection on cassette tapes, minidiscs, and CDs. Click 'Video Archive' to the left for local television newscasts from around the USA and the world. This is also the place for you to see how DX is in Northern Virginia, by reading DX logs and viewing TV screenshots that are on this website. Browse this website by clicking any link on the blue navagation bar to the left.

On break until further notice.

Spring Break Plans 1/24/03
On April 12-April 21, 2003, I will be on vacation in the Tampa, Florida area. I will be recording airchecks, but I will be unable to honor specific requests from this trip until after I come back. Rest assured I will record at least one minidisc each from 93.3 WFLZ, 98.7 WLLD, 97.1 WSUN, and 97.9 WXTB, plus more stations if time permits. And, since I have heard that WTSP 10, Bay News 9, and WFTS 28 has changed their news set, logo and/or graphics since the last time I was in the area, I plan to record a nightly weekday newscast from each of those stations. I also plan to DX extensively every night while in the Tampa area.

Trading breaks and delays 1/9/03
If you haven't heard already, I recently moved, and I still haven't settled in my new home yet. If we are in an aircheck trade at the moment, and if you haven't received your airchecks yet, be assured that I will get them out as soon as humanly possible. I haven't forgotten about your trade.

Upcoming Aircheck Trips 1/9/03
I have a few aircheck trips coming up in this new year. I expect to visit the usual places: Norfolk/Virginia Beach VA; Ocean City MD; and Woodstock VA over the course of 2003. Even though I will most likely go on these trips, and maybe even more to different places this year, the exact dates and the duration of my stay in each area is not known at this time. The only trip that is confirmed is to the Tampa FL area, and I will be there from 4/12/03 - 4/20/03.

Banned Trader Alert 1/8/03
Lex Van Dijken, of The Netherlands, has been banned from trading with me. He ripped me and a few other traders off by never sending my airchecks. he recently emailed me back stating that if I gave him one month, that I would have my airchecks in the mail from him that he didn't send me. More than a month and a half later, there are still no airchecks from Lex in my mailbox. I would recommend you ban Lex from trading with you also so you won't have to waste your time with him only to be ripped off.


This is a personal website. I do not make any revenue from this website whatsoever. I claim no ownership over the creative content found on any aircheck listed in the aircheck archives, downloadable soundclips, radio/tv logos and tv screenshots on this website. These materials are copyrighted by their respective owners. Aircheck trading is nothing more than a hobby, much like collecting stamps or collecting baseball cards. Airchecks listed in this website under the Aircheck Archives are not for sale. They are only for trading on a equal basis. For example, if somebody requests five tapes from me, I will request five tapes from them. The only money involved in an aircheck trade is the price of the postage to mail the airchecks in the mail. Airchecks/DX respects the stations, their owners, and copyright holders recorded on each aircheck by not making profit from their broadcast being recorded, which is illegal under United States law. You unconditionally agree to the rules contained on this page when contacting me to trade airchecks and participating in an aircheck trade with me. If you have any problems with these rules, you can email me and we can talk about it, so we can come to an agreement that is beneficial for the both of us. Failure to comply with these rules might result in you being banned from trading with me, and a post on the Radio-Info Airchecks Board with your name and city where you live stating why you have been banned as most other traders do when they are in the same situation. You have been warned. Email the webmaster for problems, concerns, questions, or an aircheck trade proposal.
The screenshots & radio and television station logos presented on this site do or may contain registered copyright marks. Airchecks/DX and the webmaster make no claim whatsoever of original authorship or ownership of the original form of any such material used on this website. This material is presented here solely for non-profit educational and entertainment purposes. No libelous misrepresentation of the objective fact is intended by any transformation of the original context, meaning, or substance of the source material or its elements, no matter how subjectively provocative or offensive to the copyright holder such transformation, and any associated criticism or humor, may be. For more information on U.S. copyright law related to the above statement, visit Fair Use - 17 USCS 107.

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