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Untitled Document Distance Calculator
A great tool for DXing, this handy website will calculate any distance between two cities around the USA and around the world, and shows the distance as-the-crow-flies, the same way signals propagate.

Radio Locator
Another great tool for DXing, you can use this website to find out what stations come in at any location in the USA by city and/or state name, up to 100 miles away from the location.

This is the great DX website of Girard Westburg of Lexington, KY. On his website is a plethora of DX information, including his own DX logs and pictures he has taken of TV DX entering his home.

This is a great DX website. Here you can read people's reports of DX from all around the world.

Tropo Forecast
This is the best website for Tropo DXing, because it actually shows you how good tropo DX will be for you where you live via a map.