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WJLA 7 DC gets new news open and talent graphics 7/9/03
Today I noticed that ABC 7 WJLA has a new news open. It starts out with the fullscreen 'Live' graphic 7 has been using on their news teasers during network programming for a while now. Then, as the voiceguy says "Live from the WJLA Broadcast Center, this is ABC 7 News at 11", you see a quick widescreen view of their studio building, then you see the ABC 7 logo fade in with various sized 7s behind it all flashing in and out at different places, looking electrified. Their talent graphics also reflect this change, but all other graphics remain the same as before.
old opening, 1/01 - 7/03
new opening, current

DX conditions flare up a little bit 7/7/03
Once again, I have received WPBT 2 from Miami FL and WEDU 3 Tampa FL via sporadic e-skip. Unfortunately the skip went as high as channel 3...nothing was coming in on channel 4 or higher, or FM radio. Click here to see the new screenshot from WPBT I have added to my collection of past WPBT sightings here in the DC area.

Norfolk trip coming up 7/18/03 7/2/03
I have a confirmed airchecking trip to the Norfolk, VA area on 7/18/03. Click here to see what I plan to record on this trip.

I can record to DVD! 6/8/03
I am now able to record any new Washington, DC area newscast, or anything from my archives (video only) to a DVD-R disc! I am currently in the process of copying my newscasts in my archives to DVD disc, but very soon I will be able to trade with DVDs! E-mail me or stay tuned to the Trading Status heading a little up on this page for more information. For those who are wondering, I can record to DVD-R, or DVD-RAM, but I will only trade DVD-R since its less expensive and compatible with almost all DVD players unlike DVD-RAM. I can record one hour per disc in XP mode, which is pure digital quality, or I can record two hours per disc in SP mode, which is virtually the same as XP mode. I can't tell any difference between XP and SP mode at all. In matter of fact, I record SP mode by default when I am transferring my archive tapes to DVD or when I record new newscasts from the cable directly to DVD, so it is as clear as the original broadcast. I can also record four hours per disc in LP mode, which is equivalent to a VHS SP tape in quality...its still good quality, but not as clear as XP/SP. Finally, I can record six hours per disc in EP mode, which I wouldn't recommend requesting in since it is so choppy and digitally ridden with errors that it looks like the video was recorded off of an internet video broadcast. It is great for recording shows your going to watch once and erase (given you have a DVD-RAM disc), but it isn't worth recording newscasts in.

I will either record on Memorex or TDK brand DVD-R discs for you. If you must have a certain brand of the two, let me know, but I can assure you each brand is equivalent in the quality of their product. The DVD recorder I have is the Panasonic DMR-HS2. It is the top-of-the-line Panasonic DVD recorder according to their website, so you are ensured you will get the best quality recordings from me as possible. If you are interested in getting this model, I would highly recommend checking your local Circuit City stores. The local C.C. store here in Woodbridge had the item on sale for $549.99,
450 dollars cheaper than the MSRP price of $999.99! It really depends on the store, though, I heard other area C.C. stores have them for anywhere between $650 to $899.99 up to the MSRP price. It is still worth checking though, especially since the DMR-HS2 has an internal hard drive like Tivo and RePlay TV...meaning I can record digitally to the internal hard drive (which in XP mode can last 8 hours long, SP mode 19 hours long) and then transfer it digitally to a DVD disc, ensuring that I won't mistakenly record a newscast where the normal anchors are there, etc. directly to a DVD disc and ruin it. The only downside about the internal hard drive is that you must record something to it in a quality higher than the quality you plan to transfer to the DVD. Lets say, for example, you request an SP-quality newscast...I would record it from the broadcast to the internal hard drive in XP mode, then transfer it to the DVD in SP it would be as clear as if I recorded directly from the live broadcast in SP mode. If I recorded to the hard drive in SP mode then transferred it to a DVD in SP mode it would be the same as me recording live off the broadcast in LP mode, since it uses the SP mode-recorded video on the hard drive as the source, further compressing it when it transfers it to the DVD in SP mode. BUT, don't worry, as I said before if it is recorded to the hard drive in XP mode there is no worries about quality loss when transferring to SP mode when I record it to DVD. This thing with a higher quality and everything is a set-back, but it is not bothersome at all...the hard drive records eight hours in XP mode, which is more than enough for a whole market's newscasts recorded!

I have made the following changes to the Trading Rules page now that I can record to DVDs: One DVD equals two (2) VHS tapes, three (3) CDs and MDs. It doesn't equal any cassette tapes since I won't request cassette tape airchecks anymore... I want my airchecks on a digital medium to ensure they will last a long time, and I hope you can understand. Of course if you have a DVD recorder yourself, one DVD = one DVD.

ew email address 5/29/03
I have a new email address as of today:

Changes at DC101 5/1/03
Modern Rock 101.1 WWDC-FM Washington has a new voiceguy as of 5/1/03. They still have the female 'voicegirl' which they have been using since 1998 for some jingles, but the main male voiceguy has changed. While listening to the station today I have noticed that there are still some remenants of the old voiceguy, especially on promotional commercials and some simple "DC101"s said in-between a song. I have also noticed a new top of the hour legal ID said by the new voiceguy, but at the same time at different hours today I have heard the legal ID they were using up until today (with the girl saying WWDC-FM and the old voiceguy saying "Washington"), and an even older one the station has used circa 1999 without the voicegirl. As it is with most stations, it appears the new voiceguy will slowly be phased in.