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Norfolk VA trip 7/18/03
Page last updated: 7/5/03

Due to technical difficulties, this trip might not be on the exact dates posted. When I go on trips, I bring my boombox and portable minidisc walkman to record radio airchecks, and my DVD recorder to record TV airchecks in clear digital quality (these DVD airchecks can easily be transferred to VHS tape or another DVD for you.) I unfortuantely cannot tape specific requests for anything in this market, since the actual amount of time I have in each area to record might be affected by visiting family, sightseeing, etc., but I will try my best and get as many airchecks as I can recorded while on the trip. With that said, I have what I want to record from each station listed below. When I come back from the trip, I will list the airchecks recorded on the trip in the Updates section of this website, located at the top of the navagation bar to the left.


All the following either a :74 or an :80 Minidisc (for radio) or a DVD recorded in XP mode (for NBC/CBS/ABC) or SP mode (for FOX, cable-only newschannels and various programming). All radio airchecks normal programming unless noted.

Station What I plan to record
92.1 WBHH (Urban "92.1 The Beat") one :80 Minidisc
92.9 WWSO (Oldies "Oldies 92.9") one :80 Minidisc
93.7 WKOC (AAA "93.7 The Coast") one :80 Minidisc
94.9 WPTE (Modern AC "94.9 The Point") one :80 Minidisc
96.1 WROX (Modern Rock "96X") one :80 Minidisc
98.7 WNOR (Hard Modern Rock "FM99") one :80 Minidisc
101.3 WWDE (AC "101-3 2WD") one :80 Minidisc
102.1 WWHV (Urban "Hot 102.1/107.9") one :80 Minidisc
102.9 WOWI (Urban "103 Jamz") one :80 Minidisc, another minidisc of urban mixshow programming depending on time
104.1 WCXL (Hot AC "Beach 104") one :80 Minidisc
104.5 WNVZ (Rhythmic CHR "Z104") one :80 Minidisc, another minidisc of dance mixshow programming depending on time
106.9 WAFX (Classic Rock "106.9 The Fox") one :80 Minidisc
Station What I plan to record
3 WTKR ( "Newschannel 3") 6 PM newscast on Saturday 7/19
5 LNC (24/7 cable-only news "Local News on Cable") Newscast, exact time unknown
10 WAVY ( "Wavy News 10") 11 PM newscast on Saturday 7/19
13 WVEC ( "13 News") 11 PM newscast on Friday 7/18 or a 6 AM newscast on Saturay 7/19 depending on arrival time to the area
27 WGNT ("UPN 27") various programming
33 WTVZ ("WB 33") various programming
43 WVBT ( "FOX 43") 10 PM Newscast on Saturday 7/19 (they end their newscast at around 10:50 for a sports program, so I can easily record a 11 PM newscast from WAVY without cutting into newscast programming.)