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Below I have the various website designs, logos, and layouts Airchecks/DX has had over the years. The newest screenshots, including the current design of the page, is listed below. Click on a thumbnail below for a bigger, more detailed version of the screenshot to appear. Please keep in mind that these screenshots are full-screen, so unless you have DSL or Cable Internet it will take a while for each image to load. Bars to the immediate top of each screenshot (where applicable) that has the website address are from my website browser (either MSN or Microsoft Internet Explorer) and bars to the right which normally you would use in Windows to move a page up and down are not part of the website design. I only included these in the picture to get the 'live' feel as if the picture represented the current design of this website. These are only pictures of this website from the past, links shown in each picture will not work. Unfortunately I am unable to retrieve any screenshots of this website from August 28, 2000 up until March 1, 2001, including various designs/layouts from 2001 and early 2002 that I didn't think to save pictures of.

Check back to this page often...from every few weeks to a month or two Airchecks DX gets a new website design or a tweak on the current design to make the website always look new and different.


May 30, 2003
May 17, 2003
March 27, 2003
**current design**
February 21, 2003
January 26, 2003
November 27, 2002
October 26, 2002
May 16, 2002
July 18, 2001
March 31, 2001
March 2, 2001